Jae Choi is an Industrial Designer, holding a BFA in Industrial Design from Rhode Island School of Design (RISD).
Her practice focuses on establishing a visual language through the systems present within the simplicity of geometry. Concentrating on bridging concepts to reality, she thrives in transforming abstract ideas into tangible solutions. In the design process, Jae centers on acting as a connector, blending form and function. 

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Jae's design philosophy is deeply influenced by diverse cultural and creative experiences, fostering a broad perspective that allows her to incorporate a variety of design approaches, materials, and techniques to enhance the creative process. Driven by a passion for connecting people, places, ideas, and emotions, Jae focuses on bridging gaps to ensure that each design resonates on a human level, fostering empathy and understanding.

Through blending aesthetics with functionality, Jae believes that aesthetics can convey profound messages and evoke emotions, while functionality ensures practical usability. Each design is crafted to be not only practical but also rich in experiential and interpretive value. Applying geometric principles in composition, perspective, and proportions, Jae creates visual artworks that blend structure with meaning.

At the core of Jae’s work lies a commitment to exploring personal narratives and identity. Drawing from a diverse range of experiences, each project reflects her personal values and evolving sense of self, infusing her designs with personal beliefs and questions, resulting in each piece being uniquely personal.