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O-I Lighting Series

Acrylic | Steel

Light Source:
E26 (120V) max. 60W

Transparent with touch sensor switch (8ft)

36 x 8 x 8 | 18 x 6 x6 

Overview: The Visual Language of O-I System

The "O" and "I" symbols on a switch in computer science, logic, or electrical engineering represent the binary digits "0" and "1". These symbols are commonly used to represent on and off states or true and false values.

The O-I Lighting Series takes inspiration from these symbols and their meanings, by exploring the systems in the symbols and creating a visual language through the use of circles and lines in the design. The series incorporates elements such as the radius of curvature of a camera lens and the circumference of planets and artificial satellites to establish a meaningful connection between the symbols and the products they represent. Additionally, the series draws inspiration from the divine proportion found in the golden ratio, which appears in various fields such as geometry, art, and architecture.

By combining these elements, the O-I Lighting Series aims to elevate the aesthetic and functionality of lighting products. The use of circles and lines in the design can create a unique and visually striking language that is both practical and symbolic, this can help to enhance the ambiance of the space, providing an optimal lighting solution that is both functional and visually pleasing. The series also combines the principles of the divine proportion to create a balance in the design that can enhance the overall lighting experience.

© Jae Choi 2023
© Jae Choi 2023